Monday, November 10, 2008

Taco & Burrito Cupcakes for Scott

Sooo... Scott had requested burrito cupcakes... and I thought it was definitely a different request... so here they are! hahah :) I don't think the burritos turned out as well as the tacos... but oh well!! :) They were a lot o' fun to make.. and Keith got to help out this time... =P haha :)

It's a yellow boxed-mix cake and canned frosting =P (again... I know... Shame on me for not baking from scratch =P I think it's just hard when I don't know where my cupcakes are going to be sitting during the day)

So, the taco shells were made out of yellow chocolate (tastes pretty much like white chocolate), and I just cut them into half circles.. and then Tomatoes - Cherry Dots, Lettuce - Green Apple Airheads, Cheese - Orange Airheads, Meat - Brownies and Olives - Black Licorice and then cake and the frosting sitting underneath the goodness taking up most of the room...

And then the burritos were made out of Tortilla - Marshmallow Fondant, Meat - Brownies, Beans - Brown m&ms (wish I had used the mini ones... =p), Lettuce & Cheese & Tomatoes (same as tacos), and Rice - Grated coconut and cake and frosting pretty much sitting in the bulk of the burrito..

Salsa was strawberries, kiwi, lemon & sugar... smashed all together. hahah :)

I think that was it! One difficult thing was finding Airheads now-a-days... for some reason a lot of stores just want to sell the Airhead sprays or this smash of all of the colors in one candy roll. =P

Anyways! Yay! :) Happy Birthday Scott!


timloe said...

they were yummy!

Nikki Hootman said...

That sounds... disgusting. Blech!!!

I see you are fiddling with your blog. :)

Scott said...

They were awesome, thank you so much, still trying to convince my boss we need an on staff baker. I already can't wait for the next birthday, i am thinking escargo, or possible cheeseburger in a can cupcakes.

Vivian said...

hahah - thanks! I'm just glad you liked them... haha ;) dudddeee... escargo... cheeseburger in a can?!?! definitely a challenge. hahah :)

I know... taco cupcakes do sound kinda weird eh? ;)

Jeff said...

So friggin' awesome. Ridiculous attention to detail. ALMOST as good as the ones you made for me. Oh come on, you can't think I'm going to admit anything will be better than what you made me, do you?? :)

Kimberley said...

OMG!!!! You never cease to amaze me with your creativity! I am still searching for my perfect wedding cake if you will make it for me!!!

marii said...

Vivian! Those are so wonderful looking. You did such a fabulous job on those! I love this new "food" cupcake thing you are doing now! It's absolutely amazing.

The pictures are so good professional! It's like you stole them off the internet!

You didn't mention how long this took you...compared to the sushi ones.

marii said...

Yea, I see airheads every now and then too...but not as much as I used to.

You know what is really hard to find? Pop Rocks. I was looking for them so that LT could try them and I couldn't find them anywhere! If you see some get em!

Vivian said...

Dude - i will TOTALLY get you pop rocks! I like to put them in the Christmas stockings.. haha :)

Yah - I dunno what was up with the food cupcake kick... I think I started with the sushi and then got requests for the burritos/tacos.. haha :) Just happened that way... ;)

I think these only took me a couple hours.. they were much faster since there wasn't as much variety..