Monday, March 09, 2009

Nabaztag Cupcakes

Sooo.. Keith wanted me to make him some Nabaztag Cupcakes for his birthday.. I'm a lil late since I've been soooo busy with work but! I finally did got a few hours... so here they are! Huge army of them...

Here's a few of them...

Anyways.. they're pretty much just yellow cupcakes with lil mini twinkies.. I tried to use the chocolate ones, but it showed thru the fondant =P and then those ears are just like biscuits that I dipped in some chocolate... I was running a lil low on time due to Daylight Savings so I had to paint on their faces.. haha :)

Fun fun! *yawn* time for bed now!

Here's a picture of what they usually look like, they're supposed to like, let you know if something changes or something is good or bad or something... pretty cute! :)