Thursday, September 24, 2009

Pizza Ice Cream Cake for Jeff!

Yay! Sooo.. Happy Birthday Jeff! "Hi. I'm Jeff Carnes. I make pizzas!"

Anyways, Jeff makes pizzas and so we figured a pizza cake! Ha! =) But this isn't just cake.. there's ice cream! Yayyyyy :) So pretty much here's the dealio...

It was one cake round on the bottom (French Vanilla), a layer of ganache, and then another cake round on top, except i just emptied out the whole middle - just to leave a crust. And then I filled the middle with vanilla ice cream! (i hope that ends up turning out okay.... hahah :))

Anyways, the toppings are the sauce - strawberry jam (i had to find a red red one... all of them looked so purpley =P), parm cheese - grated white Toblerone which has almond nougats (the normal white chocolate bars kept curling into little balls... they were being difficult =P), pepperoni - marshmallow ends (painted w/ red food coloring/gel), olives - black licorice, and green peppers - green fruit roll ups. I wanted to add sausage (some brownies) but i totally forgot... oh well! :) Quick and easy overall!

Anyways, hope you have a great one Jeff! =) WOOOOOOOOOOOT!