Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Land of the Lost Cake

Soooo... :) Land of the Lost.. yeah... I had definitely never heard of that before this cake. hahah :) So Ray requested this cake for his friend's birthday and it was definitely a chance for me to do the whole volcano thing... which I've been itching to do.. Which, I have to say, I was bummed I didn't have the time to make actually move, bubble or have smoke come out.. but next time!

Anyways! So here is the cake! We've got the jewel things, whatever they used to travel around, with Jolly Ranchers, there's Grumpy the dinosaur in front of their cave, the Gold & Green Sleestacks, the family and then the Cha-Ka in the corner. haha :) The space in the middle was for where the Happy Birthday message went in but I took this picture, obviously, before I did that... ;)

The cave and volcano and floor are all cake & frosting & covered in fondant.. and all the figures (including Grumpy =P who was a pain to keep together) and rocks and trees are all made out of Gumpaste and the leaves out of Royal icing.. and the lava is red (white) chocolate...

Here is a comparison from the show to how they came out.. hahahahah :)

The Sleestacks:

The family that find themselves in this land after falling down a waterfall:

The Cha-Ka:

Grumpy, the T-Rex:

Definitely an interesting cake... even watched a few episodes... keke :) Very... interesting... hahah :)

Oh! And apparently they're doing a remake w/ Will Ferrell coming out next year! Crazy how things come back!


Anonymous said...

This cake was RAD! Thanks again Vivian. Everyone loved it.


Nikki Hootman said...

Your cake figures are waaaay the heck cuter than the original show. :)

Kimberley said...

The little people are the cutest little people ever!!!

marii said...

That's totally awesome! I used to watch that every Saturday morning! Yes, I am so old now! Even Eric remembers watching it too. It was the only non-cartoon thing we remember watching when we were kids!

You did such a great job on all the characters!!! They look exactly like the real even had that dang dinosaur they could never get rid off! It always used to bother them...hahah!

Vivian said...

hahaha Thanks.. yah... I guess I have a thing for making things a lil cuter or comic-ky than the actual thing.. Oh well! haha :)

Yeah - Land of the Lost was definitely different.. hehe :)

Nikki Hootman said...

Psst - thanks for the Amen. The post is directed at my Grandma and Chuck - Chuck has cancer and they are both totally freaking out. I know they read the blog, so... :)