Wednesday, November 26, 2008

My mom's Bday Cake & Sophie's Grad Cake

Sooooo - these cakes are kinda from a while ago, I just didn't have time to post... sooo.. here ya go! :)

Here is my mom's cake that I made for her birthday last year... it's just a from scratch carrot cake with cream cheese icing! Ummm... Basketweave and white chocolate lollipop flowers :) Chocolate is so easy to work with! :) So many different molds.. I should probably use them more often :)

This one is Sophie's Graduation cake from this past summer... :) The wine bottle is made all out of rice krispies & fondant & paint & a photo transfer of her puppy, Chloe! haha :) So yah - she graduated in Economics... Accountingish.. haha :) Her graduation date is on the calculator... It was definitely lotsa fun cuz this is the first 3D cake I had to transfer a long distance before putting together! :)

I believe the upper cake was a yellow cake w/ strawberries & whipped cream and the bottom cake was a chocolate cake w/ an attempted kahlua chocolate filling.. hehe :) Oh! And those things sticking out on the side were sparkler candles.. hahaha :)


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marii said...

that looks great! I love the chocolate lollipops...what a great touch! What a great idea to make candy molds for white/pink chocolate hearts and stuff for a wedding cake! hee hee.

Vivian said...

hehe Thanks! :) yah! the chocolate was way fun to use! Super easy too!! =)