Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Vegas! Anniversary #2!

Hurray for Vegas! We went for our second year anniversary - We got to stay at the Luxor - which was alright. It was just a couple hotels from the Monorail which made it a lil inconvenient - BUT it was better than walking everywhere :) Hurray for Monorail!

Sooo... we went to the Star Trek Bar and did the Backstage Tour which was AWESOME. And we went on both rides. At the bar - I had my fav - Deanna Troy's Chocolate Obsession and 3 Phaser Shots - Tulaberrry Wine (my fav), The Royale and the Borg Queen.

And that's Keith w/ a polished off Mini Borg Sphere and Mini Warp Core Breach.

We saw Blue Man Group - which I loved sosososoosossoososoSOSOOSOSosooososososos much!!! I wanted to take them home with me!! it was AWESOMEEE!!! I didn't want them to stop! Ack! =)

Then we saw Cirque de Soleil's O - which was pretty awesome with really awesome music but Keith was not very impressed by the clowns and kept falling asleep =P

Then we had Champagne Brunches - where I tried to try as many desserts as I could and Keith had as much champagne as much as he could haw ;)
We also went to the wax museum and took pictures with Johnny Depp, Frank Sinatra, Ben Affleck, Patrick Stewart and stuff... they were kinda creepy. haha :)

Other than that - not too much gambling since we didnt want to do too much moneys - we were busy spending it on food and fun. haha :) Plus getting carded a lot sucked. =P haha :) And found that Circus Circus has gotten a bit run-down since I was last there (when I was like 10).