Sunday, November 08, 2009

Beer cupcakes for Scott

Happy Birthday Scott!! :)

So... Scott requested beer cupcakes for his birthday a while ago... which I had great plans for! And then... *sigh* well these didn't turn out like I had hoped they would have... oh well! =P

So.. I pretty much made a beer cup casings out of chocolate (which took quite a while...) and in the middle of that are two stacked pineapple cupcakes...

Then for the foam, I used melted marshmallows.. and I guess I got too excited and did a few before the marshmallows fully melted, so there are lumps...

And then I double-coated some Starburst Strawberry Candy Canes (luckily stores are already catering to the Christmas market :)) with a lot of white chocolate for the beer stein handle. You can still kinda see the red stripes =P If there were white candy canes, I totally would've gone with those =P

So then, in order to make sure there would be a spot for the handle, I had to leave room on the side of the beer cup, but unfortunately when adding the foam, it decided to use that missing portion as a lil spout.. haha =P

*sigh* oh well... these probably took me more than several hours and totally didn't turn out like i had hoped... I also wanted to make a couple other things, but these took up so much time... Next time, Scott! ;)