Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Sushi Cupcakes for Jeff

SOooooo!! I made some cupcakes that look like sushi for Jeff's Birthday... man... stayed up SOoooo late.. *yawn* Anyways... not too bad.. made them in like 5 hours or so... I cheated tho - used mix cakes & pre-made frosting... but man... i had to cut up so much different candies... but definitely fun...

Pretty much vanilla and lemon cupcakes and vanilla frosting... then black/green fondant for seaweed... and coconut or white sprinkles for "rice"..

As for the toppings..
Jellybeans for the "eggs" (upper right)
a piece of lemon cake for the Tamago (Egg) Roll (lower Right),
A mini marshmallow, a few sour straws, and pieces of gummy worms for the California Roll, (upper middle),
A cut berry gummy for the Tuna Roll (lower middle),
Cut-up orange gummy slices for the Salmon (upper left)
Cut-up peach gummies for Tuna (middle left)
And Food-color-spray-painted marshmallows for the Shrimp (lower left)...

Anyways... that's about it! It was pretty cool... definitely a first.... lots of shaping for each sushi cupcake... Makes me want to get an airbrush though, cuz I loved making those shrimp things... :)

Now that i look at it... my shrimp look like salmon... dagnabit. Oh well! :)

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Erhan's Groom's Cake

Here's my first Groom's Cake! Wooooot :) It was for Erhan & Shrin's wedding! It was kind of a rush since I wasn't completely sure I would be making this cake until 2 days before the wedding. haha :) But here it is... It's a triathlon cake since Erhan does tons of them... haha :) We usually see him running either during lunch or after work... in the rain.. in the sun... crazy guy. Anyways... so there's his water bottle for the bike, running shoes and his goggles and speedo for the swim.. haw :)

Just some stacked cakes for the gym bag and then rice krispies for the water bottle, goggles and shoes... hah :) and then fondant all over.. It was a pretty quick cake! Way fun to do... this one was pretty simple since I had to make sure I could finish it in time...

Anyways.. his wedding reception was definitely a first for me! Tons of dancing... non-stop! Pretty awesome and very beautiful :) There was even a lady dancing with a sabre! haha :) Congrats Erhan & Shirin! :)