Saturday, December 02, 2006

My final - the wedding cake!

So this was my last cake of the Wilton Series! The wedding cake! It turned out alright.
The pattern was a lil hard to do at first since I was trying to trace it on - in the end I just ended up eye-balling it and making various flower patterns. :) The ribbon is a real ribbon and Uh - yah.

Anyways, so yah, I made those fondant roses on top sprinkled in with some blue flowers - just cuz i love blue! hahah :)

Um - the bottom cake was sooo super yummy - a dark chocolate cake with non-dairy whipped cream icing and the top was a carrot cake =P Yum!

So yah - that was it. Hopefully I can take the gumpaste flowers class later on! :) and I get to learn how to make even more flowers!

I can't wait to make more cakes! Keith says I should make one for next week for his work - haha :) Woohoo!! We'll see what I do!! My friend in class made these awesome pillow cakes - It inspired me to start getting creative too! Wooooot! :)