Sunday, November 08, 2009

Beer cupcakes for Scott

Happy Birthday Scott!! :)

So... Scott requested beer cupcakes for his birthday a while ago... which I had great plans for! And then... *sigh* well these didn't turn out like I had hoped they would have... oh well! =P

So.. I pretty much made a beer cup casings out of chocolate (which took quite a while...) and in the middle of that are two stacked pineapple cupcakes...

Then for the foam, I used melted marshmallows.. and I guess I got too excited and did a few before the marshmallows fully melted, so there are lumps...

And then I double-coated some Starburst Strawberry Candy Canes (luckily stores are already catering to the Christmas market :)) with a lot of white chocolate for the beer stein handle. You can still kinda see the red stripes =P If there were white candy canes, I totally would've gone with those =P

So then, in order to make sure there would be a spot for the handle, I had to leave room on the side of the beer cup, but unfortunately when adding the foam, it decided to use that missing portion as a lil spout.. haha =P

*sigh* oh well... these probably took me more than several hours and totally didn't turn out like i had hoped... I also wanted to make a couple other things, but these took up so much time... Next time, Scott! ;)

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Pizza Ice Cream Cake for Jeff!

Yay! Sooo.. Happy Birthday Jeff! "Hi. I'm Jeff Carnes. I make pizzas!"

Anyways, Jeff makes pizzas and so we figured a pizza cake! Ha! =) But this isn't just cake.. there's ice cream! Yayyyyy :) So pretty much here's the dealio...

It was one cake round on the bottom (French Vanilla), a layer of ganache, and then another cake round on top, except i just emptied out the whole middle - just to leave a crust. And then I filled the middle with vanilla ice cream! (i hope that ends up turning out okay.... hahah :))

Anyways, the toppings are the sauce - strawberry jam (i had to find a red red one... all of them looked so purpley =P), parm cheese - grated white Toblerone which has almond nougats (the normal white chocolate bars kept curling into little balls... they were being difficult =P), pepperoni - marshmallow ends (painted w/ red food coloring/gel), olives - black licorice, and green peppers - green fruit roll ups. I wanted to add sausage (some brownies) but i totally forgot... oh well! :) Quick and easy overall!

Anyways, hope you have a great one Jeff! =) WOOOOOOOOOOOT!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Canada Cupcakes for Johannes

Happy Birthday Johannes!!! =)

Here are some Carrot Cake Cupcakes w/ Maple Cream Cheese Frosting... get it? Maple?! ... ... ... okay... hahah :)

with Canadian Flags and a Canadian Beaver and "eh?"'s-galore - hahah :) All made outta chocolate.. It was quick but man, peeling them off of the wax paper... talk about the Red Edges of the flag being SUPER sensitive! I think4 broke so it was a good thing I made like 10 extra.. =P

Anyways, hope you have a great one!!! =)

Here's the recipe for the cupcakes & frosting:

Richard's Sky Scraper Cupcakes

Sooo, one of Keith's co-workers was leaving for New York... so I made some sky scraper cupcakes for him!

Made some sky scrapers out of chocolate w/ chocolate cupcakes & vanilla frosting..

And then the lettering is just chewy gobstoppers ... which I heard unfortunately were not so chewy after being in the fridge for some time.. =P And the letters were white chocolate...

Quick and easy! :) Good luck Richard! :)

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Owl Cupcakes for Jason

Hoot. :) hehehehe :)

Anyways, here are some owl cupcakes for Jason's b-day...

Dunno why the owls.. just because they look cool. And Jason is cool too. haha :)

Easy and fun... Although the Oreos were a pain sometimes =P Even after trying to help soften out the filling with a lil microwave-action =P

Here is the owl fam with the baby owls too.. haw haw ;)

*you can find out how to make these on "Hello, Cupcake!"* :)

Monday, March 09, 2009

Nabaztag Cupcakes

Sooo.. Keith wanted me to make him some Nabaztag Cupcakes for his birthday.. I'm a lil late since I've been soooo busy with work but! I finally did got a few hours... so here they are! Huge army of them...

Here's a few of them...

Anyways.. they're pretty much just yellow cupcakes with lil mini twinkies.. I tried to use the chocolate ones, but it showed thru the fondant =P and then those ears are just like biscuits that I dipped in some chocolate... I was running a lil low on time due to Daylight Savings so I had to paint on their faces.. haha :)

Fun fun! *yawn* time for bed now!

Here's a picture of what they usually look like, they're supposed to like, let you know if something changes or something is good or bad or something... pretty cute! :)

Monday, January 26, 2009

Sophie's Bridal Shower

Hurray for Sophie getting married! :)

So this past weekend we threw Sophie a Bridal Shower... pretty fun!!! :)

We did the normal Toilet Paper Bride, What's in your Purse Game, How well do you know your S.O., and the Clothespin Game! We also did a round of Pass the Presents... and we printed out all the pictures during the shower and made her an awesome scrapbook!!

Here are the bridal shower cookie favors I made from the No Fail Sugar Cookie Recipe from CakeCentral... and also the Royal Icing Recipe... Pretty easy since there were only like 4 colors total... :)

Oh! And then I also made some cupcakes with some royal icing flowers w/ edible pearl centers and mini cheesecakes! Yummmmy!!! =)

Wooo Woooo!! Congratulations Sophie!!

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Christmas!! =)

Hurray for Christmas!!!

Sooo this was quite a busy Christmas! Very fun tho and filled with lots of lovin'! hahaha =)

Here are some sugar cookies I made for Keith's grandparents, aunt, uncle & cousins... :)

It was really cool cuz along with some other cookies (peanut butter blossoms & iced lemon shortbread), we got to give another two ducks & chicken through World Vision as part of their gift! =) It was awesome!

What was cool too, was that we got some jam also from them that was received in making a contribution to needy people as well! Hurray for the season of giving! =D

Here's a picture of the snow Bear-Dog that Keith, my brother and I made in Seattle! Woooot for Bear-dogs! =)

We wanted to make it big enough for 5-6 people to sit on... but by the time everyone got back home.. it was too dark to take pictures and the next day we went snowboarding and then he started to melt =P Oh welll!!! It was definitely fun! What an awesome Christmas!