Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Vegas! Anniversary #2!

Hurray for Vegas! We went for our second year anniversary - We got to stay at the Luxor - which was alright. It was just a couple hotels from the Monorail which made it a lil inconvenient - BUT it was better than walking everywhere :) Hurray for Monorail!

Sooo... we went to the Star Trek Bar and did the Backstage Tour which was AWESOME. And we went on both rides. At the bar - I had my fav - Deanna Troy's Chocolate Obsession and 3 Phaser Shots - Tulaberrry Wine (my fav), The Royale and the Borg Queen.

And that's Keith w/ a polished off Mini Borg Sphere and Mini Warp Core Breach.

We saw Blue Man Group - which I loved sosososoosossoososoSOSOOSOSosooososososos much!!! I wanted to take them home with me!! it was AWESOMEEE!!! I didn't want them to stop! Ack! =)

Then we saw Cirque de Soleil's O - which was pretty awesome with really awesome music but Keith was not very impressed by the clowns and kept falling asleep =P

Then we had Champagne Brunches - where I tried to try as many desserts as I could and Keith had as much champagne as much as he could haw ;)
We also went to the wax museum and took pictures with Johnny Depp, Frank Sinatra, Ben Affleck, Patrick Stewart and stuff... they were kinda creepy. haha :)

Other than that - not too much gambling since we didnt want to do too much moneys - we were busy spending it on food and fun. haha :) Plus getting carded a lot sucked. =P haha :) And found that Circus Circus has gotten a bit run-down since I was last there (when I was like 10).


Nikki Hootman said...

Happy anniversary!!! Star Trek bar... sheesh, you guys are such nerds. That's as nerdy as spotting the Starcraft reference in Iron Man.

Uh... did I say that? Please ignore.

Sooooooooo we're staying in Camarillo, which I am sure you have heard, so we're available for general hanging out whenever. Except for Monday nights, because... I am now the new D&D DM.

What is happening to me?!

Campbell said...

WOW-I can't believe it's been two years! Happy Anniversary!

Do you remember Halloween in 7th grade? I think Nikki dressed up as a hippie and I was a scarecrow and you were a crew member from StarTrek. Memories! Too bad you didn't bust out the outfit in LV...

Looks like you had fun in Vegas-especially those drinks!! My favorite part about Vegas is also the desserts at the buffets...the only problem is that you feel sooo tired and full afterwards (but it's worth it!)

marii said...

Keith was falling asleep at O because too many green orbs from the Star Trek Bar..."too many orbs, oooh my orb hurts, must sleep and not look at clowns!"