Thursday, February 28, 2008

Keith's Bday Cake

Sooooo - this one took me a while! It had so many lil pieces I had to like create! =P But it was really fun! Compared to the dragon cake - this one was WAY more intricate - like I actually had to draw this one out before I started making it because the web has all these pictures of r2d2 - but like almost all at the same angle. From the front! haha ;) Plus this one had different colors - where the dragon cake was just green.

But yah =) Way fun! I used silver dust (edible) for his head and fondant all over. He's pineapple & yellow cake on the inside with buttercream. :) He turned out taller than I expected... But yah - I had to rush towards the end since Keith was almost home. haha ;) So please don't look at the lumpy arms and squiggly royal icing lines. =P

(r2 from the back) So yah - r2 was Mmm... 5 layers of cake - 6'' rounds and the top of his head I used a bowl to form his head using some homemade rice krispies :) Good thing I had the right sized bowl! :)

Anyways - Keith liked it! So I'm happy. :) Happy Birthday!! =)


marii said...

I absolutely love it! It looks just like R2D2! Keith looks very happy too! You make the most awesome cakes ever!!!! And it sounds soooo good to eat!!!

Eric said...

Wow!!!! Ace of Cakes has NOTHING on you!!!

Raj said...

I dont' care about Keith.. when do we, as your wonderful co-workers, get to sample that masterpiece?

Nikki Hootman said...

Wow, this cake is soooo awesome! I showed it to Kelson, Alan, and Tracy and they were all like "HOLY COW, she could do this professionally!" So when are you gonna quit your job and go into business for yourself? :)