Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Counter-Strike Cake

Soooo - here's the cake for my bro's 17th birthday. He plays CS like days at a time... which really isn't that great... but he's pretty good at it. haha :) I enjoy to play sometimes... but I tend to rush instead of strategically play... haha :) But it was easy for me to make the cake since I actually knew what was going on... haha ;)

So, this is the map: Dust, and Bomb Site B, and 4 terrorists, and 4 CTs. The lil guys are all made out of fondant - It took me a few hours to do those guys and then the boxes are just wood squares covered in fondant and then the there's more fondant for the wall and floor and graham cracker crumbs everywhere. :)

I tried to do a "spray" for his happy Birthday sign - but I don't have an air brush so it just looked like a sign ... hahah :) Oh well...

It was cool - after i gave him the cake, and he ooo-ed at it, he took it apart and placed the lil guys in new places and took some new pictures. hahah :)

Anyways - this cake was pretty easy. Much faster than my 3-D cakes.. but still fun :)

Here's a picture of the lil guys before they got smushed through the luggage:

Several pictures above were taken by Eddie "Double-A" Liu. :) Thanks onii! :) And for the use of your kitchen!


Campbell said...

{in a deep electronic voice} "Counter-terrorists win"

You are amazing, Vivian!!

Nikki Hootman said...

Ha! Soooo cute! Wow, I can't believe your brother is 17. Weird. :)

BTW your little men look kinda like people from Home Movies, specifically Coach McGurk. ;)

Nikki Hootman said...

You! Have not updated your blog! In forever!

Give me something to peruse, please.

I will hold your sunglasses hostage until then.

marii said...

This was the cutest thing ever! Sorry, I am just now commenting on it, but as you can tell from my blog...I haven't been on it since April! Yikes.

I love all your little guys...they are so cute!!!!!!!!