Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Halloween Cupcakes!

So this was pretty fun... here are a few of the cupcakes Keith and I made for the Halloween party at my work! I did a few.. but then Keith did most of them. It was super fun! =) Getting lotsa different kinds of candy was fun - but man!! i couldn't find any candy corn! Everyone already went through all the stores and swiped them all! Sheesh! we were totally candy-corn-less.

Anyways, so we just used marshmallows, jelly beans, reese's pieces, red licorice, Reese's mini cups and Good and Plenty's... good enough. haha =) Anyways.. way fun! =)


marii said...

YUMMY! I love how you did the monster teeth out of kissables! The marshmallows look so good!

Crissy (POOH) said...

Hi Viv!
I'm officially up in your blog, stalking your posts...I had no idea you were such a talented baker!! You're so good at everything!! Miss you...hope you and Keith are doing well! Hugs, Crissy

Nikki Hootman said...

Hi Vivian! Here I am, postin' on yer blog. Come visit mine! I just made one. :)