Monday, January 15, 2007

Winter Cake for Keith

haha :) Here's Keith's wintery cake i made for his work.

It was the first time for using crimpers which was kinda fun! :)

And I made a lil snow-keith, snow-vivian, and sno-dallas. hahahh :) Wooot :)

Fun fun fun! :) can't wait to make more!!
WoohoooO! :)


marii said...

It looks like a fondant cake! I could totally tell that was Keith, Vdub and Dallas on top of that cake! Bad Dallas for leaving sno poops on the cake, oh wait a minute...those are snowballs. LOL!

It is a cute cake!!!

marii said...

more cake! more cake! more cake! where are all the cakes? Sorry I didn't take pics of my last cupcakes but I made these AWESOME Chocolate Souffle cupcakes that were the best ones yet!

Aaron A. said...

You are missing your calling Viv...those cakes are amazing looking. Very unique. Maybe you should try to do cakes for friends...I bet in no time you'd have your own little business. Think of it, no more bowing down to kiss the ring finger of the man.

Vivian said...

HAHAHAHA!! Yah!! That would be AWESOME!! I would love to decorate cakes forever! But like I said, I'm such a weinie!!! I'm so like safe with my cakes! I'll post a few more to show you.. but man!! AUUGHHH!!! I'm such a weinie... Maybe if I start a business I'll call it like... weinie cakes... hahahhhaah =)

Woohoo!! YAH!! more pics marii!! i wanna see those souffle cupcakes!! They sound sooo delicious!!