Saturday, August 18, 2007

Cake Crazy

Okay - so shame on me for not posting in forever and not putting up my cakes as i go along... So, here are the ones i have worked on lately:

Yellow Cake covered in Whipped Cream & filled with strawberries & stabilized whipped cream:

Here is the cake I made for my mom for Mother's Day - which turned out to be a much denser chocolate cake than expected because there was pudding in the recipe. But it was still okay. The chocolate hearts were fun to make :)

Next is a chocolate cake I made with chocolate frosting and toffee sprinkles on the side which were hard to get on. The frosting was a lil more ... i guess bitter than I expected. The cocoa was very strong. I'm still looking for the perfect chocolate icing recipe...

Also I tried to make lil mini chocolate cakes filled and frosted with ganache, but I found that these cakes were so rich, they should have been eaten in even smaller portions. But sooo delicious. *slurp*

Then we did a cupcake-cake for our upstairs neighbor. I, unfortunately, didn't have any idea what he was really into or anything, so I just formed a cloud out of the cupcakes. hahaha =) Oh well.. it was fun to make...

Here's a raspberry cake made from the recipe off of my cake flour box. haha - it looked pretty easy and tasty. Turned out pretty raspberry-ey... haha :)

Then my friend at work wanted me to make him some sweet and sour cupcakes, so I remembered this recipe for lemon angel food cupcakes - and they turned out pretty sweet & sour! Not too bad... a lil sour... so it's a lil different that normal - but not too bad. ;) I just topped them with a few flowers I made a while back, out of royal icing.. =)

Here are some cheesecake-cookies. They turned out pretty good too - and they're super easy to make! Topped them with some fresh whipped cream, strawberries and a chocolate heart. =) Delicious!

So this was me just fudging around with some MMF (Marshmallow Fondant) (since regular store bought fondant tastes super gross), and ribbon insertion (which uses real ribbon). Actually, this was just a practice cake for my grandma's birthday cake - I was just trying to get the ribbon insertion and color of the MMF.

And here's my grandma's bday cake. The chinese writing was easier than I expected! :) And I added some edible pearls, around the writing, and some roses, and some royal icing decorations on the top. The green candle kinda makes it look like the top of the cake is sprouting something.. but it's just the candle. haha =) The hardest part was probably working in a kitchen I've never worked in before, and lugging all my cake gear to New York. haha =) But it turned out all right! =)

And that's it for now... Actually, there's one more cake I made, but I'm still waiting on the pictures! I'll post that as soon as I get them! Yay! Done for now! =)


Meggarific said...

wow, amazing!

marii said...

wow! everything looks so yummy! The other day, I was actually thinking to myself and asking "I wonder if Viv is still doing cake stuff" and you answered my question!!!