Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Star Trek Next Gen Cupcakes

Yay! Happy Birthday hubby! :)

So since we're pretty big STNG fans, I've been meaning to make some Next Gen cupcakes for Keith for a while.. Unfortunately with two kids, it's a little difficult to find time. This is a little lower-key than what I had in mind in the beginning - but I was able to whip up some vanilla cupcakes and some royal icing and make the crew and communicator badges!

We've got our commanding officers - Captain Picard - there are four lights! And first officer Riker next to him.. obviously post season 1 sporting the beard..
Then the guys in Yellow - Worf with his stern look of concern... Geordi La Forge with his spiffy visor..  ready to read some rainbows... lol :) and Data with his buddy Spot!
Then Deanna Troi in purple.. i guess technically she should be the only one with black eyes.. Crusher in blue... which I feel really bad that I did not do such a great job on.. :( And then Wesley - looking eager to go do something dangerous... haha :)

The crew is "wearing" their respective colors.. but I guess my husband was too hungry to notice that.. :P I guess cupcake liners just don't get noticed when there's a huge face staring at them and cupcake and frosting underneath..  Oh well.. :)

Then the communicator badges are also made of royal icing and colored with some silver and gold food coloring..

All packed up and ready to go get eaten.. with maybe some earl grey, hot.. :) Make it so!

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