Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Mr. Creepee Crawlee

(not related to the Crawley's... ;))

So for Halloween this year, I created a scary cake for work... It had been a little while since I've created a 3D cake so I didn't really know how he was going to turn out.. I found this kinda creepy looking creature thing on-line and turned him into a cake! From what people said, I guess he's not very scary =/ Creepy.. but not scary... Oh well!

He's actually chocolate cake and vanilla frosting on the inside, covered in marshmallow fondant and his tentacles are all made of gumpaste. I used a bit of string to make little creases all over his arms...

Then his eyes are black gumballs... which I loved the shiny look when i first put them in.. but once he went into the fridge, they dulled by morning. :(

 Then I painted his body and tentacles with a copper color paint... and then dabbed him with a paper towel.. which made him look like he just crawled out of some place painful...

According to my husband, people were a little iffy on eating this cake since he looked a bit gross... so I guess I kinda got the effect I wanted...

Although after watching me write this post, my 2 year old just told me that she wanted to have this guy for dinner.... maybe he's not as creepy as I hoped... Oh well!

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