Friday, November 03, 2006

Cake 4 - Flowery

So this is my fourth cake with a basket weave around the sides! I think it turned out alright. Made all the flowers before hand - royal icing. These were kind of all my bad stuff though - I picked out all the warped flowers and warped ladybugs and stuff since this was my practice cake. hehe :)

but yah - you can see pansies, roses, rosebuds, violets, apple blossoms, daisies, daffodills, rosettes and mums! Kind of a springy look =P Oh well. ;) Maybe it'll be good for Easter next year! My friend in class made this super awesome fall one with fall colors - wine, oranges and purpley roses with gold luster dust and made some awesome fall leaves with a really cool monogram. Sooo neat - i'll have to try it! :) Anyways - that's all for now!

Next is fondant class so like wedding cake style cakes! Wooohoo!! :)


marii said...

YUM! I love it! It does look very springy! I can't wait to look back on this blog during the middle of winter...ha ha! I love the lady bug--very cute!

Wedding cake stuff is going to be awesome! Maybe if you get good then you can make all your friend's wedding cakes!

Dude, you can prolly make some pretty dope looking cupcakes now! With cool clown faces, dogs, and pretty flowers on top! Way better than Martha Stewart's cupcakes! ha ha! Martha blows!

marii said...

oh yea, and the side DOES look like an Easter good job on the basket weave!

Maybe you can make Lauren and me a birthday cake when we come out to see you guys over the Christmas holidays! yayayayayyay! I am soooo excited to come out to LA and see you guys! wOOt

marii said...

I want cake. There is this email thread that I keep getting from some friends and they keep talking about cake! It started off as a happy birthday email and then it got into the subject of i really want to eat some cake, but I am at work now and i have no cake. So I decided to come on your blog and look at cakes....mmmmmmm...caaaake! slurp!

vivian said...

haha - you're so crazy!! GO TAKE SOME CLASSES AND MAKE YOURSELF A CAKE!! hahahah :)