Monday, January 26, 2009

Sophie's Bridal Shower

Hurray for Sophie getting married! :)

So this past weekend we threw Sophie a Bridal Shower... pretty fun!!! :)

We did the normal Toilet Paper Bride, What's in your Purse Game, How well do you know your S.O., and the Clothespin Game! We also did a round of Pass the Presents... and we printed out all the pictures during the shower and made her an awesome scrapbook!!

Here are the bridal shower cookie favors I made from the No Fail Sugar Cookie Recipe from CakeCentral... and also the Royal Icing Recipe... Pretty easy since there were only like 4 colors total... :)

Oh! And then I also made some cupcakes with some royal icing flowers w/ edible pearl centers and mini cheesecakes! Yummmmy!!! =)

Wooo Woooo!! Congratulations Sophie!!

1 comment:

marii said...

mini cheesecakes...yummm! Those are my favorites!

Are those cookies boostie-yays...LOL. I didn't even want to attempt to spell that I phonetically wrote it out...haha.

At first, I was like oh...those are bells (like wedding bells) but then I enlarged the pic and was like oh...I think those are boostie-yays! hee hee. Good job on you are so creative. How can you possibly be an engineer!?!?!?