Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Halloween Cupcakes!

So this was pretty fun... here are a few of the cupcakes Keith and I made for the Halloween party at my work! I did a few.. but then Keith did most of them. It was super fun! =) Getting lotsa different kinds of candy was fun - but man!! i couldn't find any candy corn! Everyone already went through all the stores and swiped them all! Sheesh! we were totally candy-corn-less.

Anyways, so we just used marshmallows, jelly beans, reese's pieces, red licorice, Reese's mini cups and Good and Plenty's... good enough. haha =) Anyways.. way fun! =)

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Gary's going away cake...

So one of my really good friends is leaving today to go to the other branch of our company up North. The booger. Definitely a very sad day. =( Anyways, he loves dragons - and asked me to make him a dragon cake before he left. So here it is.

The head, horns, neck and part of the tail are home-made rice krispies treats, and and then molded by hand. And then covered in buttercream and then Green Marshmallow Fondant (MMF). Keith did all the kneading and stuff for that. =) It's quite an arm work-out.

Then the rest is cake! I just made some round cakes and shaped them into his back and made some square cakes and cut them up to form the rest of his tail. Turned out to be a pretty big cake!

He has another foot made of rice krispies too, but it's hard to see. Also the wings are made of gumpaste. Sooo.. the cake got devoured at work.. It was a white cake with sprinkles (in the batter) and buttercream - yum! I figured dragon meat should have colored polka dots inside. =) Also just used a rose-petal cutter to put imprints of scales on the fondant and brushed on some gold luster dust.

It was a fun cake to make! Definitely gotta do more of these 3-D cakes. Way fun! =)