Friday, September 22, 2006

Yay! Cake #2!

So I made cake number two. And it was supposed to have these cutesy lil clowns on them.. which turn out to be really easy to make!! But like Keith needed a cake for his work since a co-worker was leaving. So he told me to make the cake as a goodbye cake. Dagnabit. =P No clowns on this one.. hehe =) I should've just made one like climbing up the back of the cake. hahahaha :)

Anyways, here's the picture of the second one. We did the shell border and learned how to do those drop flowers. The actual colors of the cake are in that bright picture. I had to take it at night since Keith was taking the cake in the morning =P So all the colors in the other pictures look a lil dark and green.. ahhahah =) oohhh welll.. Yay! Can't wait to make more and more! i was thinking about making a purple octopus... hahaha ;) That'd be kinda fun!!


Anonymous said...

that is soo good! i'm impressed! you are such an arteest. - meimei

marii said...

Me and Lauren are looking at these pictures and it is making us hungry!!! You are so awesome at cake making!!

You are going to be a super mom when you have will have the rockstar cakes at birthday parties!!

marii said...

I want to take cake making classes too!!!! I can't beleive how expensive all that stuff is to get. I know it is just a one time cost, but it is still a hard hit all at once!
I want to make beautiful cakes though! It would be super cool to make LT's first birthday cake with the new skilz I learned!
I need time! auuughhh!

vivian said...

I know!!! It seriously is gonna take like some time from each day to like make the cake and the frosting and color the frosting and then ice the cake and then go to class too! But ya know, I really do look forward to it! haha ;) It's like my play time for the week :)

marii said...

I like this cake...i want to eat it.