Monday, February 28, 2011

Firefly Cupcakes

Happy Birthday Keith!! :)

For my hub's birthday, I decided to do Firefly cupcakes because.. Firefly is awesome and so is he. :)

So the sandy environment that they tread upon is made of crushed graham crackers & vanilla frosting. And then Serenity is amongst edible star glitter & chocolate frosting hovering above them. :)

Yay! :) There they are.. Jayne, Mal & Zoe upfront w/ their pistols. Inara, Kaylee & Wash behind them. And then way in back around Book, River & Simon. All made outta fondant... it took a while. :P

Here's a little close-up of Serenity.. which I'm kind of disappointed about. It's made out of chocolate but it would've been cooler if I had time to make an actual like 3D Serenity. Maybe next time... ;) Harder to find time now w/ Baby.. :)

Here's a little close-up of the crew:

Mal w/ his jacket... no suspenders shown unfortunately. I know.. my little guns are pretty weak... I'm not that good at making them accurately. =/

The hero of Canton, the man they calllll Jayyyyynnnneee :) with his awesome hat & huge gun LOL :)

Here's Zoe - ready to back up Mal! :) With her hunny right behind her :)

And "We will call it.... This Land." Wash sportin' his casual button-up and of course, dino in tow. :) Kinda wishin' I made the dino green... oh well! :P

Kaylee!! :) with her wrench and jumpsuit - ready to fix whatever needs fixin! :)

And there's Book with the Good Book. :) It would've been cooler if I could've made his hair bigger.. like when it was ... BIG .. but that would've looked a little weird with the fondant. :)

And there's Inara - being her friendly & pretty self :)

And here's Simon & River... River looks a little lost... which is kinda perfect. haha :) Didn't really mean to make the hair look like dreads.. but ehhh... i think it worked okay. And there's Simon by her side.. looking all doctor-ey. :)

Alrighty - that's all for now! :) Yay! Happy Birthday Keith!