Thursday, February 28, 2008

Keith's Bday Cake

Sooooo - this one took me a while! It had so many lil pieces I had to like create! =P But it was really fun! Compared to the dragon cake - this one was WAY more intricate - like I actually had to draw this one out before I started making it because the web has all these pictures of r2d2 - but like almost all at the same angle. From the front! haha ;) Plus this one had different colors - where the dragon cake was just green.

But yah =) Way fun! I used silver dust (edible) for his head and fondant all over. He's pineapple & yellow cake on the inside with buttercream. :) He turned out taller than I expected... But yah - I had to rush towards the end since Keith was almost home. haha ;) So please don't look at the lumpy arms and squiggly royal icing lines. =P

(r2 from the back) So yah - r2 was Mmm... 5 layers of cake - 6'' rounds and the top of his head I used a bowl to form his head using some homemade rice krispies :) Good thing I had the right sized bowl! :)

Anyways - Keith liked it! So I'm happy. :) Happy Birthday!! =)