Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Cake #3

Meh - This one was just a practice one since the one I actually made in class, I had to hand off to a friend that drove us to the airport right after my cake class - I couldnt' get any good pictures of that one, so I just made a new cake (kinda crazy looking) to practice my technique. Also, I kinda made this one in a hurry since it was like 11:30 pm. and I wanted to get it decorated by 12.

I tried the Reverse Shell border (which I think would've looked better if I had use Medium icing instead of Thin - which is called for but I was rushing). Then I tried to make leaves with this one tip, but I forgot and used Medium instead of Thin for the leaves and the icing clumped in teh tip and wouldn't come out right - so I ended up fudging it and just using this other tip that I've never done leaves in. =/ Oh well. this is what happens when I'm rushing =P

Then I had to rush doing the smoothing of the cake. =/ so there were some lines at the top and are some holes around the side - gah. =/

The roses turned out okay - I need to figure out how make them smoother tho - i think I need to add more piping gel. But also, I think I want to make the inside bud the same color as the base.

Then, I did some rosebuds along the bottom and rosettes at the top. Meh. First time for a purple cake! hahahahah :) I thoguht i would just have some fun - this is what happens. haahhaha :) Guess I shouldn't have tried it on a rush job. Oh well! :) It was fun! Can't wait to make some more!

We're learning royal icing & color flow icing to make those cool flowers now! We'll see how it goes! :)